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Maui Condo Vacation Rentals

Escape to the sun-soaked shores of North Kihei and discover the ultimate relaxation at Luana Kai Resort. Prepare to be embraced by the warmth and personalized attention from Leslie Brown, our dedicated manager. At Luana Kai, we pride ourselves on creating a ‘home away from home’ experience, just as our many cherished returning guests have found.

Step into our thoughtfully designed apartments, where we understand that your needs go beyond what a typical hotel can offer. Enjoy the convenience of complimentary hardwired broadband and WIFI internet, a fully equipped kitchen, a relaxing bath, in-room laundry facilities, cable TV, and even a convenient voice mail service.

Even with our great rates, we’re near to world famous restaurants, world-class performance venues, and activities. Your condo is only 5 to 10 minutes drive from Hawaii’s best beaches and golf.

Once you’ve seen it all you can read a great book from our free library while you tan at the pool. You can also enjoy the sauna, whirlpool, cabana kitchen, and gas barbecues.

You can also play tennis and play pickleball on regulation tennis courts, putt around on our nine hole golf green, or try your hand at traditional shuffleboard.

Watch for whales swimming and breaching from November through May when our humpback friends are all part of the family. You can stroll the park and beaches and view windsurfers, fishermen, whales, kites and kite-boards. After a spectacular sunset, you can cool off in one of our optionally air-conditioned condos. 

Like so many people before you, we hope to have you come and enjoy our Kihei vacation rental accommodations and have Luana Kai Resort as your home away from home.

Select a room number below to enjoy our description and image galleries for all of our Maui condos.

Important: Air conditioning is by request in select rooms: $25.00/night in 1 & 2 bedroom condos.

A cleaning fee will be due on check in – One bedroom $175 -Two bedroom $199 – Three bedroom $249.

Be sure to read up on all of our Maui vacation rental rates and policies.

You can also browse units by image at our availability search page.


One Bedroom Vacation Rentals

Garden View

  • B104 King Deluxe A/C
  • B105 King Deluxe A/C
  • C107 King Deluxe A/C
  • C108 King Deluxe A/C
  • C109 King Deluxe A/C

Partial Ocean View

  • B205 King Deluxe A/C
  • B206 King Deluxe A/C
  • B209 Queen Deluxe A/C
  • B210 King Deluxe A/C
  • B211 King Deluxe A/C SOFABED
  • C209 King Deluxe A/C

Ocean View

    • A101 King Deluxe A/C
    • A102 King Deluxe A/C
    • A105 King Deluxe A/C
    • A201 King Deluxe A/C
    • A202 King Deluxe A/C
    • D101 King Deluxe A/C
    • D105 King Deluxe A/C
    • D201 King Deluxe A/C
    • D202 King Deluxe A/C
    • D207 King Deluxe A/C

Two Bedroom Vacation Rentals

Garden View

Partial Ocean View

  • B207 King Deluxe A/C
  • B208 Queen Deluxe A/C
  • B304 King Deluxe A/C SOFABED
  • B307 King Deluxe A/C
  • B308 King Deluxe A/C
  • B311 King Deluxe A/C
  • C201 King Deluxe A/C
  • C302 King Deluxe A/C
  • C303 King Deluxe A/C

Ocean View

  • A203 King Deluxe
  • A303 King Deluxe A/C
  • A305 King Ultra Deluxe A/C SOFABED
  • A308 King Deluxe
  • D103 King Deluxe A/C
  • D104 King Ultra Deluxe A/C
  • D204 King Deluxe A/C
  • D303 King Deluxe A/C
  • D306 King Deluxe
  • D307 King Deluxe A/C
  • D308 King Deluxe A/C SOFABED

Budget Vacation Rentals

One Bedroom

Two Bedroom

  • B106 King Garden View
  • B111 King Garden View
  • C202 King Partial Ocean View
  • C207 King Partial Ocean View
  • A107 King Ocean View
  • A206 King Ocean View
  • D102 King A/C SOFABED
  • A307 King A/C Ocean View

Three Bedroom

  • C311 King Partial Ocean View