Maui Hiking

    Hiking Tours and resources

    Hiking on Maui can be one of the thrills of a lifetime or a peaceful sojourn into the untouched beauty of our island. Stroll across miles of lava flows by the sea, journey to hidden waterfalls and pools or dare the vast recesses of Haleakala National Park. There are hikes to suit every type and level of hiker. Please remember to bring a small bag for your trash and if your really cool, you can take someone elses trash back too.

  • Sierra Club of Hawaii, Maui Chapter

    – A voluntary donation of $5 ($2 for Sierra Club members) is requested of hikers over age 14. If you cannot or do not wish to make this voluntary donation, you are still welcome to come on our hikes. Upcoming hikes are listed year round. Some hikes include volunteer work, so you can feel good about giving a little back to the Aina,(land).

  • Maui Hiking tours

    – Let knowledgeable guide Randy Warner and co. bring you and parties no larger than eight people through easy to expert hikes. Listed in Frommer’s Hawaii, Hidden Maui and sundry other magazines and books.

  • Na Ala Hele Trail and Access System

    – Do it yourself site to find great public trails on all parts of Maui Just click a number for an in depth description of each hike. A fantastic resource.

  • Hike Maui

    – Short, half and full day adventures as well as specialty treks. Hike Maui guides are a treasure in themselves so be sure to see the bios for these many knowledgeable and capable hiking guides.

  • Maui Cave Adventures

    – Care to hike through a ten thousand year old Lava tube?. Several enjoyable short tours and one hardcore spelunkers crawling-on-your-knees adventure.

  • Eco Maui Hiking Tours

    – Six perfectly tailored hikes and walks for every age and type of hiker.

Hiking Gear

There’s not a lot to choose from as far as outfitters go on Maui. But in Kahului you can get good boots at


for around 20 dollars or stop in

Sports Authority

for enough gear to walk or camp the island over.