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Maui Ocean Sports Activities

Maui Ocean Sports Jetski Image

Maui Ocean Sports Speed boating

Speed boating is a unique way to enjoy the coasts of Maui. Remember to ask your captain about marine safety and eco-friendly actions they have taken to make speed boating safe for our ocean friends.

Please note: ” Commercial controlled ocean sports must be operated under a Commercial Operating Area Use permit in a designated commercial thrill craft, high speed boating, parasailing or water sledding operation area, in addition to obtaining any commercial use permit required for State-owned harbor or boat launching facilities.” … “These Commercial Operating Areas Use permits are specifically assigned to each company for a set location.” (from: http://hawaii.gov/dlnr/dbor/borrecn.html).

Let your operator know if you think they are going over the bounds set for safety and ecologic health set out in state guidelines. Let’s keep Maui a safe and nurturing environment for all our sea life.

Maui Ocean Sports Parasailing

For an exhilarating lift over the oceans of Maui try parasailing. An activity that is safe and fun for everyone. With ocean parasailing, you are brought out to a raft where you are harnessed for your safety. The operator drives a fast boat that  lifts you high into the sky. Enjoy the wind and sun and the view from 800 and 1200 feet over the sea. Enjoy it with a friend!

  • UFO ParasailingDue to the Lahaina fires Maui Parasail tours will resume May 16, 2024 – Experienced crews and the latest in lift off and landing technologies make for fun in the sun without getting wet (unless you want to). Tandem flights up to 350lbs. No running involved with premium hydraulic winch lift-off. This extreme fun is also available for the young, elderly and physically challenged.
  • West Maui ParasailMaui Parasail tours are closed until further notice – With over 100,000 flights since 1985, our skilled captains and crew are among the most experienced in the business. Honeymooners can fly together! Whale friendly we only operate from May 16 through December 14.

Maui Ocean Sports Jet Ski

For the more extreme enthusiast, Jet Ski rentals offer a wave of excitement.

  • Pacific Jet Sports – Just outside Lahaina and taking reservations Mon – Fri – Kawasaki, Yamaha, Polaris, Sea Doo.
  • Maui Jet Ski Rentals – Maui Jet Ski Rentals – Toll Free 1-877-256-4248 – Rainbow Mall – Kihei – Maui ~

More Maui Ocean Rides

Take a look at these unique ocean activities
  • The Maui Banana BoatUnfortunately shut down  but they have other tours as well. UFO Parasailing provides this insanely fun experience for the whole family. Ride the wethttps://ufoparasail.net/maui-activities/banana-boat-ride/ and wild Banana Boat for an unmatchable experience!
  • Atlantis AdventuresOur Atlantis Submarines Maui tours are temporarily closed due to the tragic Maui wildfires. – A submarine adventure for the whole family. Dive below the surface and enjoy Maui’s undersea world.
  • Become a Maui Mermaid! – That’s right, become a Maui mermaid with swimming lessons, photography, and video capture. Just you and your glorious tale as you swim under the ocean.