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About Hurricanes and Maui

We know you love to enjoy Maui’s beautiful weather year round at Luana Kai and so do we.

From June through November each year Hawaii is subject to potential hurricane or tropical storm weather. Thankfully no hurricanes have hit Maui directly in recorded history. Only the Kahala Cyclone in 1871 may have been a direct hit.

Why Hurricanes Are So Rare in Hawaii. ~Scientific American


Hurricane Preparedness

There have been many storms less than hurricane force and sometimes power has been interrupted and roads temporarily closed.

We want you to be prepared for any weather event and provide important links to the official resources so that you can be confident should any disturbance occur.

Flooding from rains and tsunamis and even some fire events can happen throughout the year and like anywhere on the planet, nature is a powerful force here.

It’s always best to be prepared so here are the official Hawaii Hurrican Preparedness links:

The State of Hawaii Office of Health Preparedness

The Central Pacific Hurricane Center Preparedness Information

In this video from 2018, KHON’s news team discusses how you can stay on top of any Hawaiian storms before they happen.

2018 KHON Prep Video