Your very own Maui Condo Pool

Luana Kai resort has a fantastic pool for all your leisure needs.
Your very own Maui condo pool is ready for another perfect day. Your pool is tiled with non slip quick drying modern material, less hard than concrete and with better traction.

your Maui condo pool

“Don’t wake me from this dream!” ~ It’s no dream. Rest assured, you are at Luana Kai now. Let your troubles melt away in the warm tropical sun. Remember to turn over frequently for the perfect tan. Float away with a juicy book or just rest your eyes. Cool off in your perfect pool and then have a margarita, a brisk iced tea, or your favorite wine. Sweat it out in the hot saunas after a grand lunch and let every muscle loose in the hot whirlpool, especially in the evening. Take a brisk stroll down to the beach and come back for another salt free cool off in the pool. Now it’s time to cook. You stored the potato salad int he fridge, a few more drinks, lots of water and it’s another great day at Luana Kai. You’re finally here. It’s time to relax!

Sturdy Barbecue Grills at Luana Kai's Pool Area.

The super-duty propane barbecues await your grilling pleasure. Try seared ono, ahi, grilled mahi mahi, or locally grown, grass fed, Maui beef. Yum! Vegetable kabobs are a tropical favorite too.

Poolside Kitchen Amenities Luana Kai Maui Condos

The Kitchen area has tables, ovens, range, sink, fridge and plenty of counter space for food preparation, cleanup, and  convenience. Large tables are available for your picnics.

Picture of Jacuzzi and Pool.

Your Maui condo pool, sauna, whirlpool and BBQ is ready, come slip into some fun at Luana Kai!

Come steep in the saunas, get bubbly in the jacuzzi, and lounge around all day long. For exercise, eating, and luxuriating, nothing beats a day at your Maui condo pool.

When your ready for a day of swimming in the ocean just head to Kamaole Beach Park I just ten minutes away by car. Remember to bring lots of sunscreen and when the wind whips up, you can come right back to your own Maui condo pool at Luana Kai.