A Much Needed Vacation!

Dear Leslie, Mario, & Jeff-

I had a wonderful time at the Luana Kai and I owe it to you and your staff for the warm welcoming.  I was made to feel like I was a long time friend.  It has been years since my last trip to Maui and I really needed to RELAX.  I was able to and thank you…

I had such an enjoyable stay and it was so relaxing my next vacation will be back at the Luana Kai.   What a pleasure, what a joy, and what Aloha!!!  Thank you and keep smiling.


Evening Sailing Charters ~ Call us for our suggestion:

Taking an evening Sail at sunset is good for the mind and relaxing as well.  It’s a VACATION must!   Bring your camera for the spectacular views of the magical Maui coastline and the neighbor islands.   Watch the sunset between the neighbor Islands.    Golden hues, deep blues and a soft breeze.   Raise a toast to friends and family and the memories for a life time.

Evening At the Pool

IMG_8802 The Luana Kai has the most lovely gathering place for our owners and guests.

During the day the pool is a quiet spot to relax and read.   And in the evening the pool and cabana at the Luana Kai is perfect for friends and family to have dinner and conversation.


The Grilling area has 5 BBQ’s, a full kitchen with oven, stove, microwave and refrigerator freezer.  All the units have plastic service for your convenience to use at the pool.  Please no glass!  that includes wine bottles, highball glass or beer bottles.  Come and enjoy,  we love seeing everyone having fun with family and friends.

Info about Maui Grocery Stores

So you just got your rental car and you about to head to Kihei to start  you vacation.   My I suggest a couple of stops before you drive to your condo from the Kahului Airport.



(weenie dogs have nothing to do with this blog but they sure are cute)


Costco if you are brave and have a membership. WARNING its the busiest Costco in the USA.

Walmart is a quicker alternative to Costco, but it to can be very busy.

The best of the big box stores is Target… The Maui Target has a full grocery store along with all the other fun stuff its known to carry… and it has great prices.  I’ve found the prices to be better than the two previously mentioned. Please shop and compare and your feed back will be used in future blogs.

If you are already in Kihei and don’t want to drive to Kahului to shop there are several places to get what you need. Times Market , Foodland and Safeway are the three big grocery stores. Times Market is on average is less expensive than Foodland and Foodland is less expensive than Safeway.  Longs Drugs (CVS) also has most of what you are looking for if you run out of sundries or need eggs and milk.

South Shore Beaches Maui Hawaii


Some of the most beautiful and relaxing beaches in the world are on the South shore of Maui.  This area is called Kihei, Wailea & Makena.

  • Kamaole Beach Park I
  • Kamaole Beach Park II
  • Kamaole Beach Park III

These are three of  my favorite Beaches to visit in Kihei.  All have plenty of parking and clean public facilities with showers.  IMG_0027 Take a book, a cooler and an umbrella and enjoy the view or take a nap.   I prefer the beach early.  There are a few reasons, the water is more calm and the day is still a bit cool.  As the day warms up the breeze tends to also pick up.  Keep that in mind and enjoy your day at the Beach.

Morning Coffee

The sun is rising very early these days as we head from Spring to Summer.    I love starting my morning at the Kihei Cafe they open for breakfast at 5am.   And it is amazing how quickly people Que for this very local restaurant.    I appreciate the restaurants and business that open early for our guest from time zones 3-5 hours earlier.

Stop in to the office and visit with Leslie, Mario or Jeff about your experiences and adventures.  We love being able to pass on new gems and fun things to suggest to future guests.

Maui Condo Reservation Button by Siteminder

UPDATE: WE have discontinued this service. Aloha!
By now you’ve seen that green button on the sidebar. Our new Maui condo reservation booking system is here. “The Booking Button” is by SiteMinder out of  the UK. You can still use our original reservation form at our Maui Condo Reservations page.

Notice that to contact us they reply with gratitude for your ‘enquiry’. That’s a clear giveaway that the Queen’s English is being used. We still spell inquire like every other American business though. The SiteMinder system is secured with rock solid SSL and has a great deal more development going into it than we could ever do on our own.

Reserve your Maui condo in just a few easy steps. Choose the type of lodging you want. Next, select the dates of your travel to Hawaii. Finally enter your contact and billing information. Voila, you’re all done and getting ready for a fantastic time at Luana Kai Resort in Kihei. You’re home away from home.

Maui Condo Reservation – Travel with Certainty

When you book using the book now button you secure your condo at Luana Kai. When you arrive on Maui, your condo will be ready for you. You can rest easy and relax now that your booking is complete. We will call you to make sure everything is perfect. Calls are placed each business day. Expect to hear from us.

While your here, you’ll have all the comforts of home in your individual Maui condo. A full sized apartment to call your own. Luana Kai is laid back, casual, friendly. We love smiling here because it’s always a great day. It’s true that living in Hawaii does wonders for your happiness. Visiting can make you happy too. Maybe even more.

Make that Maui Condo Reservation Now

Go ahead and click that button and we’ll let Hawaii know, you’re on your way. BOOK NOW

Molokini from the Air

Molokini from the Air

If you haven’t yet visited Molokini, now may be the time to give it a whirl!
This underwater volcanic cone is a prize among world snorkel spots.

Here’s a video from a recent Visitor’s trip to the crater we found on youtube.
Don’t they make snorkeling the volcano look grand?
Whether you get in the water or not, wear plenty of sunscreen and have a great day!

Ushering in the fall

Get ready Maui, if you thought this year was colorful in the summer just wait till fall hits.

Upcountry will be blossoming in a thousand colors from now through January.

All of the cool weather flowers will take over the scenery.

The cool will begin to seep into Kihei as well so temperatures will be back down into the high Seventies.

Tourism will continue to drop into the beginning of  October.

And If you stay at Luana Kai, the quiet will be all yours to enjoy.

There are just a few extra reasons you should consider staying at Luana Kai this year…

  • Each condominium is owner operated and designed. This makes every stay different and people tend to have ‘favorite’ units.
  • Luana Kai is uniquely situated in Kihei for faster access to all parts of the island.
  •  The grand 20 acre park in front of the resort is ideal for picnics, running and family game play.
  • If you rent a mountain bike the park makes a lovely course for riding.
  • It is great for flying stunt kites.
  • We have fun. Luana Kai resort is not stuffy, it is casual and many of our guests find fast friends here.

We hope you have a great stay on Maui and hopefully at Luana Kai where it is always a GREAT DAY!


July and August Updates 2013

All Luana Kai condos are owner operated so you get a richly unique experience with each and every apartment.

Our family of guests often becomes enamored of one or two unit in particular and will re choose them each time they stay.

Whenever an owner makes a significant update to furnishings or interior design we take new pictures for the website so you can all see them.

We’ve updated a few condos images over the last month or two and here they are. If you would like to view them just click on the image of your choice.

Aloha from Luana Kai where it’s always a great day!

Condo B109Condo D205Condo C109