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Luana Kai Vacation Rentals

Luana Kai Vacation Rentals

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It’s a beautiful day at Luana Kai as usual and we’ve got some good news for our visitors. Aloha Grocery Concierge has opened doors to serve Luana Kai guests. Aloha Grocery says they do their best to run their business with Pono in mind.  Ed 09/2022 – Please check out Maui Market Delivery

Pono is the Hawaiian term for doing the right thing, what is correct and proper. (you can look it up at the
Hawaii Dictionary
: Hawaiian to English to Hawaiian Dictionary and Translation Tool.) Pono in use is often taken with a great deal of solemnity of purpose and in so doing conveys a deeper and more sincere form of integrity. Pono is active.

In doing what is right by grocery shopping, Aloha Grocery says:”In respect to sustainability…we purchase 90% of our produce and breads from local farmers, farmers markets, and local bakeries. We also buy some of our meats from the Maui Cattle Company.

In respect to the less fortunate local residents of Maui, we make weekly donations to the Maui Food Bank and local churches…We also offer discounted delivery rates for kama’aina seniors and for anyone who is disabled.

In respect to the environment… we offer reusable bags made out of 100% bamboo.”

Aloha Grocery Concierge has preselected grocery packages for various preferences and they make it easy to pick out what you want. They also offer a custom grocery service where you have more precise control over what you want.

For a very reasonable price, Maui Market Delivery frees you from the tedious task of grocery shopping all while helping the environement and local charities. Check them out and get some ‘Ono’ Grinds while you relax here at the resort.

[Ed. updated service to Maui Market Delivery, July 2022]