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So you just got your rental car and you about to head to Kihei to start  you vacation.   My I suggest a couple of stops before you drive to your condo from the Kahului Airport.

(weenie dogs have nothing to do with this blog but they sure are cute)

Costco if you are brave and have a membership. WARNING its the busiest Costco in the USA.

Walmart is a quicker alternative to Costco, but it to can be very busy.

The best of the big box stores is Target… The Maui Target has a full grocery store along with all the other fun stuff its known to carry… and it has great prices.  I’ve found the prices to be better than the two previously mentioned. Please shop and compare and your feed back will be used in future blogs.

If you are already in Kihei and don’t want to drive to Kahului to shop there are several places to get what you need. Times Market , Foodland and Safeway are the three big grocery stores. Times Market is on average is less expensive than Foodland and Foodland is less expensive than Safeway.  Longs Drugs (CVS) also has most of what you are looking for if you run out of sundries or need eggs and milk.