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Maui Sunsets

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Luana Kai Vacation Rentals

Come visit us at your home away from home.

Join Us in Paradise
Luana Kai Property and Pool View of Sea

Today we present a plethora of Maui Sunsets for those of you not with us.

Going backward from the present at youtube, we can get a feeling for a Maui Sunset in five movements….

You can click to go full screen and maybe be transported here to your second home at least in the ideal world.


This ones a bit windy! But the sun is huge!

A  Mysterious Haleakala Sunset …  with time lapse.


Actually, this next one might not be from Maui after all, but it is 1080P High Definition and thirty minutes of ocean and sunset. It is a worthy sunset to put on full screen and pour a margarita while reminiscing about your time here at the pool at Luana Kai. We hope to see you before too long. Don’t stay away.